Shamanic Energy Medicine

Energetic healing occurs at the level of the luminous (or energy) body and in the realm of the soul. Healing of the mind, emotions, and physical body naturally follow. This approach to healing is often ideal for chronic conditions, whereas more mainstream medical practices are better suited for emergencies. Energetic (or shamanic) healing also works well as complementary medicine, alongside other modalities that may focus more directly on the mind or the physical body.

The shaman facilitates healing by acting as a bridge between you and energy, or spirit. This facilitation is necessary for healing. Shamanic energy medicine can dramatically improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Shamanic energy medicine can assist with depression, sadness, anxiety, disease, pain, unhealthy relationship patterns, a feeling of being lost or stuck. Shifts often happen quickly, relative to other methods.


Shamans believe that we each have a unique luminous energy field that contains all the information that informs our lives. This luminous field can be seen as a software that runs the connection between our mind and body. Any blockages, energies, karmic lines or traumatic life experiences held in our luminous fields can manifest as heavy feelings, emotions or even physical illness. Therefore, shamans work on the energetic level to remove imprints in the luminous field, allowing you to heal from the inside out. Through an illumination process, your luminous field will be cleared and heavy energies will be transformed into light.

The Illumination is the basic healing process for clearing imprints from the luminous body. It is the foundation of all healing sessions. The luminous body contains imprints that can affect the chakra’s with heavy, dark energy. Over time these imprints can cause disease in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. Symptoms that indicate an Illumination may be needed include:

  • wanting to move forward in your life but not knowing how
  • persistent sadness, fear, or anxiety
  • disease or pain
  • lifestyle habits that you wish to change
  • low energy
  • feeling imbalanced (e.g., ungrounded or weighed down)

During the Illumination process, we work with breath and intent to remove heavy energy from the chakra and then I overwrite the imprint with light. When the imprint is erased in this way, you are no longer informed by the past.

My role is to assist you in finding harmony: emotional, spiritual, and physical. Within yourself, and throughout your environment.

Shamanic energy healing looks at the integrative relationships between health, thoughts, emotions and the way that energy is moving within the energetic body. A Shaman’s role is to help patients transcend dis-ease within their lives.

Teresa Completed a 16 month Shamanic Andean Cosmology Apprenticeship in February of 2016 with Steve and Angel Lyle Shamanic Practitioners from Davenport, Iowa.

What Happens During a Healing?

One session of shamanic work can achieve what might take years to accomplish using another modality. Shamanic energy medicine can also remove blocks to living your best life and assist with major life transitions and death and dying.

Each healing is as unique as our individual circumstances. Each unfolds exactly as it should. Typically we begin with a brief talk about what you would like to heal or shift in your life.

Using a variety of tools, I release heavy energy from your luminous body, erasing imprints that cause disease and replacing them with light. I may also extract energies that do not serve you and return lost soul parts to you.

We conclude with other resources to guide you in stepping into your new way of living.

Session Info

A one-hour session is $75

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