Crystal Bowl & Gong Bath

Teresa offers private and small group sound healing sessions. With the use of Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Native American drums, Tibetan Singing bowls, the Gong, and other sound instruments Teresa creates a Sound Healing session where one can relax, naturally unwind, and enter a space where profound healing and growth takes place. The group or individual rest peacefully on their back while the sounds and vibrations fill the room moving in, out, and around; an energetic massage like experience from the inside out.

Your Body is a unique Bio-sphere, a system of vibrations, tuned to your own frequency like a radio station. When properly tuned, you vibrate at a pleasant hum. Sometimes when a person is in a very silent atmosphere they can hear that sound, almost like there at the bottom of a ocean. When we are out of tune we are most likely to suffer from static. Just like the Bio-sphere, planet Earth, you are about 70% water and are subject to the influence of other body’s vibrations influencing, harmonizing with and in some cases disrupting yours. Sound Healing’s purpose is to give your Bio-sphere a tune up, and put you back in harmony and balance.

Each Chakra has a musical note or tonal vibration that corresponds to it. When you are out of balance your Chakras will react by opening or closing, the energy may flow to fast or to slow or become blocked altogether. The act of lying in a meditative state while being bathed in the Sound Healing Bath allows the Chakra to balance itself with its own sympathetic vibration. This allows the energy to move more fluidly through your body.

When we release the stress and disharmony that’s weighing us down and move beyond thought our consciousness is free and that is when healing can start.

Teresa will often start with annointing the individuals using a High Vibration Essential Oil followed by a Gong Bath and Reiki healing for each person weather it is for a individual or in a small group setting and then enter into the Crystal/Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation.

Session Info

A one-hour individual session is $50

Call for price for Group Sound Bath Meditation

Health Disclaimer

The products and services offered by Wellness Essentials do not have medical claims to cure illness or disease. All clients should consult their physician before engaging in any of our services as they deem necessary. In the event you use this information without your doctor or health practitioners approval you prescribe for yourself. This remains your constitutional right. Wellness Essentials assumes no responsibility.

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